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  • July 27, 2017
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A new way of voting system has been introduced by the Basilan State College during the election of ‎Supreme Student Council (SSC) 2017 at the BaSC Amphitheatre last Thursday, July 27, spearheaded by ‎Sir Argie Sarco, Director of Student Affairs and Services, with the help of the Management in ‎Information System (MIS).‎
A crowd of students were waiting for their turn to vote and upon entering, a wide space greeted them, ‎introducing the SSC Electronic System, with a whole new process of voting. The first step involves the ‎presentation of Certificate of Registration to check the Student Registry Number or Student ID for ‎verification by comparing the hardcopy and what is in the system. After verifying, the students faces ‎the choice he or she has to make in front of the monitor with the guide of the Board of Election Tellers ‎and some student volunteers. From the president down to representatives, pictures and names of ‎the candidates were materialized in the screen by the position they run for. In just a click, the votes ‎are being casted to the system. It was not only being presented in the BaSC main campus but it was ‎utilized in some extension campuses except for Tipo-Tipo due to power shortage and lack of resources. ‎
‎"It is high-tech and it is more convenient than the traditional one" stated by Omar Kalwi Kuwah of ‎BSND III. His statement has proved that the BaSC Institution is not stagnant but truly is moving forward.‎