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  • February 8, 2018
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An interview with Dr. Daisidera O. San Luis regarding the preparations for the universityhood of the Basilan State College was conducted on February 07. 2018 at the College of Education Building.

1.? How many percent of your documents do you think are qualified for ?the institution to become a University.?

Because what are required in documents was the number of programs. So ?actually, it only required 30 programs but we exceed more than 30. We had ?more than thirty programs, and then in terms of the number of programs we are ?more than over qualified to be a University. ?

?2.? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the college in terms of ?your area??

In terms of my area, especially because it was required there that almost all the ?programs must introduced the researches. So, I think the teacher needs more ?training so that, they will know how to implement the knowledge in how to ?prepare research because all the programs are really having this particular ?subject research. ?

?3.? What are the preparation regarding the application of the school for ?the universityhood?

First is the documents, and the required laboratories, the required resources like ?especially the books, the latest resources which is the books, and the ?qualifications of the teachers because it was said there that if you are going ?especially if you will be teaching even though you are third courses, especially ?there are some teacher who did not graduate as teachers but they are teaching, they need to take the Professional Education because they are indulge in ?teaching. So, it said that it is needed when you are teaching in colleges, so you ?are already a teacher even though you are an engineering, you are a license ?criminology, but you have to have really the PED subjects to qualify.?

?4.? What are improvements are needed to overcome the said ?weaknesses??

The administration should focus on this and to really support on what are the ?needs, we don't only need buildings, we really need what is inside the classroom. ?So we really need to focus on this.?

?5.? What can you say about the performance of your staff and to all the ?person involve.?

We all got tired, we focused on what we have to accomplish that is why. ?Actually the area three was the first to accomplished all the documents, me and ?Ma'am Gahapon.?