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  • February 9, 2018
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In connection with the on-going process to universityhood of Basilan State College (BaSC), Dr. Benjier H. Arriola shared his thoughts through an interview conducted by one of the chronicler staff last February 07, 2018.
The dialogue below is a transcription of the conversation between Dr. Arriola and the chronicler staff.
1. What are the chances for the school to be a university??
If given ample time or enough time, maybe 1 or 2 years. So as of now, based on the documents, we are ?around 80-90%. Because of this universityhood, we need qualifications. First is the program accreditation. ?I think we have at least 2 programs in level 3. We are still on process of doing it given a time, we can be a ?university.?
?2. What are the strengths and weaknesses of our school??
I think our strength is being management-wise. In terms of infrastructures, we have so many of it. As for ?our weaknesses, first we have is instruction. We need to improve, especially in the part of our teaching, ?specifically in the content of the syllabus. Majority of our instructor do not actually complete what is in the ?syllabus. The other one is our research, we also need to improve that.?
Third is, I think are the extensions. We need also the different colleges because the office of the extension ?cannot do extension alone. We need the different colleges and extension campuses to do their part. It ?means, what we need here is for every colleges should focus on the three aspects. ? When it comes to College of Education, they seem to be one of our strength. But if we go to other courses, ?instruction becomes a weakness, it is as if we are only concentrating on one course. We need to focus in ?all courses, not just in a single department or a single college. If what is applicable to one college should be ?applicable also to others. Thus, a uniformity. They may focus on instruction but forgot the research and ?extension.?
The other thing is our internet connection. Nowadays in the modern time, people rarely go to the library. ?The go online. But because of our weak signal at the same time, in our institution,we don't have higher ?byte. We are just subscribed on a single which is good only for one computer, not subscribed as an ?institution. Unlike in other school, they have like 10 gigabytes for a bandwidth. It becomes a weakness of ?our institution.? ?
3. What are the pre- and post-preparation of the school on becoming a university??
If you go to other university, think of it as a mirror, a mirror that we should look. Ano yung ginawa nila at ?bakit bigla lang silang naging university? What is their technique? So if you go to JR MSU, their technique is ?actually in research. If we really want to fast track our universityhood, we have to focus more on research. ? Research is very important because research can give idea. The research can be a tool to determine what ?is our weaknesses. It should be strengthened in our institution on order for us to fast track universityhood. ?
So I think that's the technique because other university focus more on research. Of course, the focus on ?instruction is there because we are teaching but a little improvement is need. We need to embrace ?research para maging tradition of research tayo.? ?
4. What improvement can you say about the performance of faculty and staff here in our college??
So far kase kung magfocus tayo sa tatlo. There are three factors, one is instruction. It means, whoever is in ?charge in instruction should focus on how to improve instruction like for example in our institution ?checking of attendance of our faculty should be done regularly not just purposively diba. Kailangan lahat. ?We need the faculty to attend their class The faculty need to at least finish their syllabus. So it is in terms of instruction. And then we also need to ?look for innovative way because we have diverse culture. Our students belong to different tribes. So we ?also need to study paano kaya yun because we have so many students who are good but because their ?training during their high school is very limited they are not doing quite well. So ano kaya ang intervention ?in terms of intruction??
Pangalawa. Research. Because in other university the students can produce actually a good research, an ?undergraduate student. So we have to improve our policies. How can we produce a good researcher if we ?donít have a faculty good in research? So it goes back into the need to improve the capacity of ability of ?the faculty to research and after that, if they're good now in research they can transfer their ideas into the ?students.?
Pangatlo, yung outreach program natin. Hindi lang yung outreach program natin na we go on yung linis-?linis lang. Usually kase nandun lang tayo sa basic. Sana yung mga community outreach natin like the ?different colleges going out there to improve the community. Then after cleaning, it's already done, kalat ?na naman bukas. Hinahanap kase natin sa extension like the different colleges should conduct outreach ?program that will touch the heart and will impact in the communitylike in literacy, English literacy. Marami ?pa ba tayong adult na di marunong bumasa. Turuan natin. So instead of cleaning we can do lecturing to ?adults who doesnít know how to read. What is the impact of that? The impact of that is, during election di ?na sila magpapa-assist because they can read and write. So right of suffrage can be executed. This is an ?example.?
Different colleges, have different mandate, different expertise, different areas. We focus on our areas like ?education should focus on literacy. Agriculture should focus in anything that goes with agriculture. ?Criminology should focus in accordance with their course. The our Health will be on health. After that, if ?everyone does that, we can impact the community. ?
Then we can achieve the three, instruction, research and community outreach. In terms of infrastructures, ?some are not finish. But if it is finish we can have different learning, Instruction might not be a problem ?anymore. We need at least 1to 2 years to improve because as of now other faculties meet in the talisay. ?Kulang yung classroom natin. We cannot blame some of our faculty. But if we have classroom, attendance ?can be in check.?
Truly, our institution is fast improving like a wildfire. By adapting some new innovations, we can and we will soon achieve our dream. Becoming a university is not impossible if both, the faculties and the student bodies will work collaboratively with one another.