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  • February 12, 2018
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The opening program for the 2nd Islamic Awareness Week 2018: “Muslim Millennials Living in a Digital ?Dunya” was held at the BaSC Amphitheatre this February 12, spearheaded by the United Muslim Student ?Association (UMSA) of BaSC with the collaboration of the Federation of Muslim Student Association ??(FMSA) Basilan.?
The 2nd Islamic Awareness Week started with the opening remarks of Sapawi Kannama, FMSA President, ?followed by the presence of Khaled Kalbi, former FMSA President, who discussed the rationale of IAW, ?afterwards, presentation of activities. The opening was a synchronised program that also occured in other colleges.
Without missing to remind our beloved brothers and sisters, simultaneously a monthly symposium took ?place with the theme “Islamic Values a Basic Guide to Peace and Reconciliation.” The guest speaker ?Ustadh Al-Rashid Sali showed the audience the importance of manners in Islam. Our very supportive ?College President, Dr. Nasser A. Salain Al-Haj, never miss to inspire the students with his message, "No ?matter who we are, where we are never forget to show the best of manners"?
As said by the speakers present in the symposium, islamic week does not mean that it is just being religious ?for one week. We can compare ourselves to our phones, our gadgets. We need to charge ourselves, to ?feed our hungry soul with spiritual satisfaction by understanding our religion and reminding ourselves all ?over again.?

The following are activities for the said 2nd Islamic Awareness Week:? February 13 - 15? Da’wah Booth
February 14 ?
Competitions: Islamic Quiz, Slogan Making, Poster Making, Essay Writing, Poem Composition, Quiz Bee
Video Presentation at UMSA Building
Hellfire and Paradise (1:00-2:00)?
Queen of Islam (2:00-3:00)?
Muslim Youth (3:30-4:30)?
Don’t Be Sad (4:30-5:30)?

February 18?
Culminating Activity

For more information please approach the Da’wah Booth beside the volleyball court. You can visit the ?page, FMSA-Basilan for more information on the synchronised program in other colleges.?